“Dream. Believe. Live.”


I recently saw these documentaries on the dynasty of three NBA teams and how they changed the game and these formed a basis for a few of my pieces on various issues with sports, team-game, globalisation and Indian leagues, and IPL. Looking at these teams their game, the magnitude of their brilliance is just amazingContinue reading “#1”


Without realising, unconsciously taking the relationship and the partner for granted. It’s not necessary s/he is a bad person, it’s just that some people already struggle to discover their own self, they are unable to identify what they want from life, what makes them happy and what they like, they have just been living aContinue reading “Maybe…”

Chemical Hearts

“You are an extraordinary collection of atoms” From chemical hearts(netflix) What makes us behave so recklessly? What is it about this emotion, this…this feeling?, that we somehow without realizing it, gamble everything on it; with every bit of tiny fraction of a molecule we feel different, we suddenly feel overpowered with happiness or temporary bliss for some. What is it?, that we fear losing them; but if something sets us apart and no matter how angryContinue reading “Chemical Hearts”

What’s the point? (Yes! Change the narrative!)

I mean …. they, us…. all who want to cause change and make a difference, are doing something but is it really affecting change? Like recently I watched this series ‘The Bold Type’ on Netflix and it portrayed Feminism, loyalty, Friendship, camaraderie, relationships, community but the thing I admired the most was how it was able to address so many issues/topics in such a subtle and effective way. In every episode there were fun elements, humour,Continue reading “What’s the point? (Yes! Change the narrative!)”

The Uneducated literate

The uneducated literate, who still shy away from society’s stigmatised topics like a girl’s menstrual hygiene, and avoid it being mentioned to them by its actual name and prefer not to be told and if told then in private and that also in code with words like- cramps, stomach-ache, girl-issue or chumming, as if its something to be ashamed or embarrassed of.We still are unable to accept inter-community/cast marriages. We see and preach the practice asContinue reading “The Uneducated literate”

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